I’m still working toward a writing career.  I’m at the stage where I’ve finally snagged an agent, and have given her a few more requested revisions on my manuscript.  The next step of the road to publication is for my agent to now put my manuscript out on sub to publishing houses and wait for the bidding war to get my book a publisher.

Okay, the bidding war is a fanciful dream.  I just want to be published by a decent house.

But in the meantime, ideally, what I should be doing is writing more books.  I have a bunch of ideas I generated in January, and tried to start working on a couple of them.  However, I do have a full-time job that takes up time.  I teach high school, and it’s almost the end of the school year, which means testing and reining the ferrets in until final exams and the last day of school.  So by the time I get home in the afternoons, I don’t feel like writing.

Another distraction I’ve recently discovered is Doctor Who.  My favorite companion turned me on to the Whoverse, and I’m in love.  I’m binge watching like crazy.  But the cool thing about Who is the WRITING.  As a writer, I appreciate great story, and the writers for Doctor Who really understand great story.

So I guess the point of this meandering blog post is to say to embrace your distractions.  You never know what you can weave into your next story.

One thought on “Distractions

  1. I think it’s just about being mindful and watching it with a writer’s eye right? My seven-year-old has turned me onto the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. There is at least one story going into production there, sometime… there’s a way to finish baking it, I think with nonfiction books and structured writing. Focus in on what you think will make a story from that spark and go down the rabbit hole. YMMV, and… you’re the one with the agent.

    Here’s the thing: We’re still young, but tomorrow is NOT a given. I thought that a year ago today, and… we’re RL friends; you know what kind of 2017 I had. While I obviously managed to thwart my attacker to a degree, I can assure you that what went through my mind between realizing his intent and passing out was my kids, my family, my book, what really happens when you die, getting to see my late brother again. NO flicker of work or TV.

    Our society measures human worth by money and achievement. The fact is had I been published, people’s anger would have been directed at him, not at me.


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